Adaptogens are excellent immunity boosters

Maksim Khotimchenko

Everybody knows that prevention of diseases is an inherent part of healthy life style. And sometimes, it plays much more important role than therapy. Most human diseases occur due to the weakened defensive mechanisms in our body. First of all, this means weak immunity.

Immunity is our natural weapon against various infectious and non-infectious diseases that maintains defensive strengths of our body in high tone. Human immune system protects our body from negative influence of genetically alien substances affecting us from outside as well as forming inside the body compartments. So, weak immunity often is the main cause of many diseases. And everybody is aware that if we want not to get sick the immunity must be stimulated. Somebody chooses sport and exercises, somebody prefers conditioning oneself to the cold, and some persons take various drugs and remedies stimulating immune system. However, it must be emphasized that there are many various herbs used in traditional medicine strengthening immunity and making a body to counteract various diseases in any season.

Actually, the use of drugs is associated with a risk of undesirable side effects. But immunity stimulation with no risk for health can be achieved by the use of adaptogen herbs. They enhance non-specific resistance of human body against various harmful influences of physical, chemical, and biological origin. One of the most powerful adaptogens is Chinese schisandra.

Nowadays, this herb is commonly used in medicine as well as in sports for strengthening of immune systems, normalization of blood pressure and in the treatment of such disorders as obesity, gout, etc. In oriental medicine schisandra is used to be taken with honey because such combination is considered by eastern scientists to increase efficacy of beneficial schisandra’s properties.

In modern medicine schisandra is used as an agent stimulating function of the central nervous system. So, it becomes clear why schisandra is recommended for persons with insomnia, fatigue and low blood pressure.

Effects of schisandra on human body systems

Schisandra berries were found to have unique contents including minerals, polysaccharides, cellulose, vitamins, organic acids, and microelements. Each berry of schisandra has a seed inside. Schisandra seeds contain much larger amounts of active compounds. They contents is close to that of berries, but they have greater concentrations of fatty ether oils, vitamin E and specific active lignans called schisandrins,

These lignans are the source of specific effects typical of schisnadra. They have very important healthy properties and they replenish the lack of phytoestrogens that are similar to the steroid hormone structure and helping to fight against free oxygen radicals i.e. antioxidant activity. This is very helpful for immune system, blood cell formation and skin function because due to the influence of ambient factors collagen and elastin synthesis becomes slower.

Apart from simulation of immune system schisandra also can:

  • Suppress pathogens, fungi and viruses;
  • Stabilize blood pressure;
  • Improve oxygen metabolism in lungs and tissues;
  • Reduce fatigue and overwork consequences;
  • Improve mental and physical working capacity of the body.

Toning activity of schisandra is caused by metabolism activation and regulative influence on endocrine, peripheral and central nervous systems. Active lignans of schisandra were found to cause the following results of their metabolic effects:

  • Optimized brain functions;
  • Increased mental activity;
  • Increased velocity of chemical reactions in cells;
  • More economical muscle energy metabolism;
  • Improved protein synthesis caused by beneficial alteration in biochemical cell memory;
  • Improved general state of the body.

All these effects of schisandra results in:

  • Improved appetites,
  • Strengthened tone of inner organs;
  • Increased secretion of gastrointestinal glands;
  • Restored blood vessel activity;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Normalized heart function.

Remedies containing schisandra are commonly used as adaptogens in prevention of flu and colds. Schisnadra is also recommended for healthy persons with active life style if their occupational duties are associated with either hard physical or emotional stress as well as contact with various extreme factors.

Schisandra can also be very helpful in recovery after surgery, severe disease or toxic exposure.

In conclusion, schisandra provides maintenance of the normal inner balance in the body (homeostasis) which is very important for healthy and happy life. 

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