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What benefits these dietary supplements provide?

Generally, all dietary supplements produced by the TAIGASEA company exert agaptogenic and tonic effects. That means that they optimize metabolic pathways in the body systems and enhance their resistance to harmful influences. For examples, excessive physical exercises is a powerful stressful factor affecting vital organs and systems. But its adverse influence can be mitigated via regulation of metabolic reactions as though muscles have enough energy for work, neural system has sufficient amount of active substances for signal transmission, blood cells can carry all the oxygen that is necessary and brain has a source for a perfect mood. Also, by-products of physical activity are quickly removed from the muscle shortening period of recovery.

Similarly, the bad influence on human body of low and high temperature, infectious germs, lack of oxygen as well as even long routine work can be easily made harmless via regulation of metabolic processes.


What is adaptogen herb?

Adaptogens is a group of natural remedies capable to enhance unspecific resistance of human body to a broad range of adverse ambient factors of physical, chemical, biological and psychological origin. Our body and mind are always under attack of various influences generally termed stress. If the body systems cannot fight stress factors we can get sick. Adaptogens strengthen the “fighting” capacity of various systems in the body and thus help to live in potentially hazardous environment feeling open and friendly.


You claim that your supplements are unique. Are they really different from a lot of similar supplements with herbal extracts?

The manufacturing operations of our dietary supplements are based on the scientific research results. In cooperation with a Russian company “Vostokpharm” located in Russian Far Eastern region we obtain wild crafted herbal raw materials from the taiga forests. Then, using precise methods we perform directed extraction procedure for isolation of the really active compounds and removal of all ballast (unnecessary) substances. Then, we cover these active compounds with special pectin biopolymer working as a protection shield in stomach and intestine because herbal active compounds are easily degraded by digestive enzymes. In intestinal media pectin becomes more fluid and herbal compounds are quickly released and absorbed into bloodstream. Thus, our supplements provide more benefits of extracts of adaptogens herbs.

What kind of raw materials you use in manufacturing of your supplements?

In our manufacturing, we use only wild crafted herbs that we pick in Russian Prymorye. Some herbs like Rhodiola rosea we gather in Altai kray. We use only those parts of the herbs that are rich with active compounds. For example, eleutherococcus and rhodiola rosea contain the highest amount of active glycosids and lignans in their roots whereas schisandra contains active schisandrins in the superficial layer of its seeds.

Does the manufacturing meet GMP standards?

Yes, all manufacturing stages performed by our Russian partners are strictly followed the GMP standards. Final stages of the manufacturing as well as careful analysis is performed in U.S.A. in a GMP certified facility.