What are the benefits of TAIGA GOLD herbal supplements?

TAIGA GOLD herbal supplements offer a range of benefits, primarily due to their agaptogenic and tonic effects. These supplements are designed to optimize metabolic pathways within the body and enhance its resistance to harmful influences. For instance, when it comes to excessive physical exercise, which can impose significant stress on vital organs and systems, these supplements can help regulate metabolic reactions. This ensures that muscles have sufficient energy for optimal performance, the neural system has an ample supply of active substances for efficient signal transmission, blood cells can effectively carry oxygen throughout the body, and the brain has the necessary resources for maintaining a positive mood. Additionally, these supplements aid in the swift elimination of by-products associated with physical activity, thereby reducing the recovery time for muscles.

Similarly, TAIGA GOLD herbal supplements can counteract the negative effects of various factors on the human body. Whether it's extreme temperatures, infectious germs, oxygen deprivation, or even prolonged routine work, these supplements facilitate the regulation of metabolic processes to mitigate their harmful impact."


What is adaptogen herb?

Adaptogens are a group of natural remedies that have the remarkable ability to enhance the unspecific resistance of the human body against a wide range of adverse environmental factors, including physical, chemical, biological, and psychological stressors. Our bodies and minds are constantly subjected to various stressors, which can potentially lead to illness if our body systems are unable to cope effectively. However, adaptogens come to the rescue by strengthening the resilience of different bodily systems, enabling us to thrive in potentially hazardous environments while maintaining a sense of openness and friendliness.


You claim that your herbals are unique. Are they really different from a lot of similar supplements with herbal extracts?

Our dietary supplements are manufactured based on scientific research findings. Through collaboration with academic and research organization located in the Asian Pacific region, we source wild-crafted herbal raw materials from the taiga forests. We employ precise methods to perform targeted extraction procedures, isolating the truly active compounds while eliminating any unnecessary substances. To ensure optimal efficacy, we utilize a special pectin biopolymer as a protective shield for these active compounds within the stomach and intestines. This protective barrier safeguards the herbal compounds from degradation by digestive enzymes. Once in the intestinal environment, the pectin becomes more fluid, facilitating the rapid release and absorption of the herbal compounds into the bloodstream. Consequently, our supplements offer enhanced benefits derived from the extracts of adaptogenic herbs.


Does the manufacturing meet GMP standards?

Yes, all manufacturing stages performed by our international partners are strictly followed the GMP standards. Final stages of the manufacturing as well as quantitative analysis is performed in U.S.A. in a GMP certified facility.