About TaigaSea

TaigaSea is a private innovative company focusing on development of the products for health and fitness from wild crafted natural sources. We work out the best ways to use the taiga forest herbs and plants, seagrasses, algae and  underwater marine species, and microorganisms in manufacturing the precise dietary supplements containing necessary amounts of active compounds with scientifically proved benefits for human health. Our elaborated processing technologies make possible to use the full beneficial potential of natural products. We try to make sure that all effects of our products are proved by research studies and scientific evaluation.


TaigaSea is a small team of professional pharmacologists and pharmacists headed by Dr. Maksim Khotimchenko, professor pharmacology and nutrition science. We closely work with  the School of Biomedicine of the Far Eastern Federal University located in Russian city Vladivostok and several research institutes of Russian academy of sciences.

In our mutual research projects, we have made many splendid discoveries about the use of natural compounds from medicinal herbs and marine species. Then it became clear that these discoveries have to bring benefits for people. That is why we see our mission in TaigaSea as a transfer of the findings made by Russian researchers into the innovative health products for everyone.

In TaigaSea we adapt research results and developments as though our products meet all the laws and regulations. Initially all our products were formulated on the base of thorough experimental results confirming their efficiency and safety. These results were published in scientific peer-viewed journals, presented on international conferences and congresses.

We care that our products are effective, absolutely safe and helpful for anyone who concerns health and wants to gain more strengths for the high quality of life. Detailed description of each supplement we make can be found on the pages of our web site

Sincerely yours,
The TaigaSea team