Taiga Gold with Schizandra Chinensis

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Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis exerts tonic effects on physical activity and central nervous system contributing to health energy boost and safe stimulation of such brain functions as attention, memory, and learning. It helps to be in good physical state and keep mind clear and fresh during and after long and boring mental and/or physical work. 
Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis was formulated as a proprietary blend of extracts from wild crafted herbs from Russian Eastern Siberia to make your brain work faster and more effective.
Each capsule of Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis contains dry extract of wild schisandra seeds gathered in deep forests of Russian Sikhote-Alin. Its effects are potentiated by extracts of rose hips, hawthorn berries, ash berries, and linden flowers helping brain and body to work at high performance level for a long time with no harm. 
Active compounds of the herb extracts in Taiga Gold collection completely get into the bloodstream due to the presence of structured de-esterified pectin protecting them from degrading influence of digestive enzymes. Besides, de-esterified pectin as a powerful ion-exchange detoxifier traps toxic substances and metabolites in intestine and helps to quickly remove them from the body. 
Maltodextrin in Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis provides additional energy boost and stimulation of brain activity potentiated by vitamin C within few hours after the intake making the effects of the herbal extract blend stronger.

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