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Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica

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Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica contains several groups of active compounds: dry root extract from wild aralia harvested in the deep taiga forests, blended extracts of rose hips, hawthorn and ash berries, and linden flowers from wild forests in Far Eastern part of China and extract of hibiscus petals.

NATURAL ADAPTOGEN SUPPLEMENT Each vegan capsule contains dry root extract of the wild Aralia Mandshurica from the Russian Far East with standardized araloside concentrations and the proprietary extract blend of wild Siberian adaptogenic herbs that was scientifically formulated for maximum potency.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE The ready-to-use product with herbal extracts that are made in Russia and then tested in the US is produced in the GMP compliant facility. Araloside contents are confirmed by HPLC analysis. If you are not satisfied. we return your money back. We are committed to ensuring that every bottle of the Taiga Gold herbal extracts meets stringent quality control procedures for purity, potency, and safety.

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