Taiga Gold with Rhodiola Rosea

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Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea helps to

  • optimize energy metabolism,
  • speed up recovery after physical exercises;
  • increase long term  physical and athletic performance;
  • promote cognitive activity, stress-resistance and healthy brain functions;
  • adapt easily to physical and emotional stress.
Original proprietary blend of Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea is scientifically  formulated with the powerful extracts of wild crafted herbs to make you feel strong and calm.
Each capsule contains dry Rhodiola rosea root extract with at least 3% of the total rosavins and 1% of the total salidrosides. Dry extracts of rose hips, hawthorn berries, ash berries, linden flowers, and hibiscus petals make up this proprietary blend. Together these extracts potentiate their mutual effects on human body and provide perfect mood for physical and intellectual activity. 
Active compounds of the herb extracts in Taiga Gold collection are well protected by structured de-esterified pectin. Working as an enveloping substance pectin prevents digestive enzymes to affect the structure of organic molecules and enhance their absorption into bloodstream. Besides, de-esterified pectin is a strong detoxifier, which can eliminate toxic substances from the body.
Taiga Gold capsules contain maltodextrin as a carrier of pectin and herbal active compounds. Also, maltodextrin is an effective energy booster. In combination with vitamin C in provides enhanced energy metabolism for several hours after intake of the capsules.

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