Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea


Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea was scientifically designed to provide the great amounts of active compounds for highest potency and efficacy. 

  • Dry extract of the wild Rhodiola rosea root from Altai mountains, standardized to at least 3% of the total rosavins and 1% of the total salidrosides
  • Proprietary blend of extracts from rose hips, hawthorn, and ash berries and linden flowers gathered in wild siberian  mixed with hibiscus extract
  • Pectin delivery system used for protection of active organic molecules from digestive enzymes in stomach for high absorption and maximum bio-availability
  • Potent natural antioxidants: vitamin C and stevioside
  • High energy maltodextrin

 With the use of original processing technology of directed extraction the maximum amounts of all active compounds contained by different parts of the herbs were isolated and then placedВ  into capsules with no alcohol or other solvents.

How Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea works?

We understand what mechanisms are involved in the Rhodiola rosea biological activity. The key ingredients are rosavin and salidrosides were proved to:

  • Exert antioxidant activity;
  • Regulate main mediators in brain;
  • Inhibit production of stress-induced hormones in adrenals;
  • Increase glucose uptake by muscle cells;
  • Enhance humoral and T-cell mediated immunity.

These mechanisms are activated by intake of Rhodiola rosea extract and results in health improving effects such as:

  • Improved physical fitness, brain functions, mental performance, and general wellbeing;
  • Removal of fatigue and asthenia;
  • High resistance to cold and flu;
  • Improved sleep patterns and reduced need for sleep;
  • Greater mood stability and greater motivation to work and study;
  • Protection of cardiovascular system from various stress factors.

In other words, Rhodiola rosea works as an adaptogen strengthening the body and helping it to resist harmful ambient factors.

All products of Taiga Gold collection contain special blend of extracts of the well-known healthful herbs with beneficial effects on health and fitness.

Rose hip fruit dry extract is rich with a variety of antioxidants including carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, leucoanthocyanins and catechins. It has a high vitamin A and vitamin C contents, it regulates digestive system and boosts the body immunity components.

Hawthorn berries are widely regarded in Europe as safe and effective means for the treatment of early stages of heart diseases because they improve cardiac functions, protect against cholesterol plaque formation and regulate blood pressure. 

Rowan berry dry extract is known to boost immune system, strengthen respiratory organs, improve digestion, and suppress bacterial infections due to its high antiseptic activity.

Linden flower extract stimulates immune system, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and helps to detoxify the whole body. It also exerts calming effects on nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Hibiscus extract speeds the general metabolism up and helps for healthy and gradual weight loss and at the same time it reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol level as well as protects liver from toxic substances.

Thus, Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea is scientifically formulated for:

  • fast recovery after hard physical activity;
  • optimization of intellectual functions and stress relief;
  • good mood and motivation to work and learn;
  • protection against germs causing infections.

Rhodiola rosea is an antient Altai herb

Rhodiola rosea is a traditional Chinese medicine and Scandinavian herb touted as a promoter of physical and cognitive vitality. Since ancient times it was proved to reduce fatigue and exhaustion in a case of longed physical and emotional stress.

Folk medicine of ancient Atlai tribes commonly used various remedies with Rhodiola rosea roots. They were helpful for stimulation of immune system, normalization of blood circulation in brain, improvement of gastrointestinal motility, and regulation of hormone metabolism. It was found helpful in the treatment of almost any disease. That is why it is widely known as "Golden root".

Today Rhodiola roots are frequently used for treatment of headache, fever, respiratory infections, anemia, diabetes, liver disorders, hemorrhages, and many other diseases.

Even recently Rhodiola roots were always given to people climbing high mountains as it enhances resistance of the body systems to the lack of oxygen.

There was a thought among Altai and Chinese folks that someone who finds Golden root gains health and luck.

 Why Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea works perfectly?

Wild crafted Rhodiola rosea contains two types of glycosides responsible for its biological activity i.e. rosavins and salidrosides. Their highest amount is found in roots and rhizome of Rhodiola rosea plant.

RosavinRosavin   SalidroxsideSalidroiside

Glycoside contents may vary significantly, but, generally, those plants that are growing over the high-altitude areas contain much higher amounts of glycosides with beneficial healthy properties. Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea is made from wild crafted herbs picked in Atlai mountains and thus it contains all active rosavins and salidrosides.

Daily intake of Rhodiola extract containing from 3 to 6 mg of rosavins is enough for safe and effective influence. One capsule of Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea contains about 3 mg of rosavins. Precise concentration of it in each batch is determined by routine HPLC analysis.

Bioavailability solutions

What is bioavailability? This term defines the amount of active compound getting into the system bloodstream, affecting target molecules in inner organs, and thus providing desirable effects.

All glycosides getting into the stomach are supposed to be destroyed by acid and digestive enzymes . Generally, from 50 to 80% of the whole glycoside amount are destroyed resulting in 3-5-fold reduction of bioavailabliliy and hence beneficial activity.

Taiga Gold collection is scientifically formulated for very high bioavailability of Rhodiola rosea glycosides and other biologically active compounds.

In Taiga Gold we use structured de-esterified pectin polymer for protection of the Rhodiola rosea glycosides from the adverse influence of acid and digestive enzymes. Pectin works as an envelope, it covers the glycosides and carries them like a submarine through dangerous parts of stomach into intestine where they can be absorbed into blood.

Besides, de-esterified pectin is a quite powerful detoxifier. It can bind and remove heavy metal ions, toxins, organic compounds, harmful metabolites and even bacteria. See the chart on below to make sense on how effectively pectin can remove such toxicants as heavy metals.

 pectin detoxifier metals


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