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The weight loss problem within the last couple of decades concerns a lot of people, as women as men. There are many various chemical compounds on the market accelerating fat degradation. They are proved to be effective, but besides of these benefits they can cause some harmful effects in human body.

Natural compounds such as guarana, green coffee, goji berry, Chinese schisandra contain many active substances helping to lose weight safely. And they are believed to be as effective as their chemical analogues. All you need to do is to define the amount of natural remedy required for desirable effects and then you can improve your health as you prefer: relax and prevent weight gain or, vice versa, increase energy, speed up metabolism and, hence, lose weight.

Losing weight is a quite complicated process. Let's have a look on the main causes of excessive weight. They are as follows:

  • malnutrition;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • emotional stress;
  • hormone misbalance;
  • slow type of metabolism;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

For this list of causes, Chinese Schisandra or Schisandra chinensis is the best choice among the natural compounds. It affects all the problems leading to gained weight.

Schisandra acts as a tonic agent i.e. enlarges energy consumption and stimulates basic body functions. It lowers blood cholesterol level, normalizes protein and carbohydrate metabolism and regulates hormone balance. Accelerated carbohydrate reactions lead to the fast burning of the body fat.

Chinese schisandra is full of antioxidants slowing natural aging processes in the body. Besides, schisandra berries have a plenty of vitamin C and just several berries are enough to get the necessary daily amount of it. Vitamins C is very helpful for immune system support and can be used for reduction of risk of cold and flu. Along with the natural lignan complex it supports adaptive capacities of the body, in particular, to physical training, which is quite useful for losing weight.

Concerning weight loss schisandra possesses unique properties. It can be used gradually for a long period with no side effects. Even such routine measures like gym training or limited food ration are not required. Schisandra berries contains a group of active compounds termed schisandrins, which can burn fat and stimulate carbohydrate metabolism. Furthermore, these compounds can split up fatty acids being entered body with food as well as the ones stored in inner organs and under skin. That is why schisandra can effectively reduce weight regardless physical training and food limitations. Of course, high sport activity and avoidance of the high calorie food in combination with schisandra would help to lose weight much faster.

When starting to lose weight with schisandra, it is good to follow a low-calorie diet. Beside the feeling of lightness, schisandra would help to gain a rush of strength and cheerfulness (not worse than coffee does), high emotional activity, improved mental and intellectual capacities, good physical stamina and, at last, improved sexual function, which is also not a bad bonus.

Results of research studies as well as experience of Chinese healers confirm that berries of schisandra chinensis are safe for humans and still have their benefits after drying, extraction, grinding, or making tinctures. Beverages containing schisandra berries have a pleasant sour refreshing taste and smell. The best way is to use seeds of schisandra which are inside the berries. All active compounds are concentrated under the thin superficial layer of seeds. That's why correctly manufacturing extracts from ground seeds are most effective.

It should be noted that remedies for weight loss containing schisandra chinensis seeds or berries have to be avoided by persons with high blood pressure and epilepsy disorders.


Health benefits after intake of schisandra berries

First of all, consumption of schisandra chinensis seeds or berries for weight loss is effective anyway. In combination with the rational diet and regular gym training this herbal remedy can be highest effective - up to 15 pounds lost per month. With no exercises and meal limitation schisandra was found to help losing about 2 pounds per month as it was confirmed in placebo-controlled trials.

Second, the feeling of good well-being is always accompanying intake of schisandra remedies because of enhanced resistance to infectious diseases (immunity), improved blood circulation and digestion processes.

Third, it really helps to look better in just a couple of weeks. 

Fourth, schisandra was proved to improve sexual function making anyone look more attractive and fresh.

The most crucial components of schisandra are specific compounds schisandrins stored in the seeds inside the berries. The more schisandrins are in a remedy, the more effective it is. The best way of the schizandrin isolation from schisandra is their ethanol extraction from ground seeds because these compounds are not water soluble.

Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis contains dry extracts of ground wild seeds with ethanol gently removed after extraction. Thus, each capsule of Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis contains a large variety of active schisandrins. Also, there is a specific pectin polysaccharide acting as a carrier for active schisandrins and protecting them from degrading influence of digestive enzymes. This provides the amount of schizandrins getting into bloodstream to be much higher than that of berries or simple extracts. Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis is a good choice for weight loss with or without gym training and strict diets.

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