Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica

Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica

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Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica is a powerful accelerator of the body energy metabolism helping to adequate glucose utilization and fast fat degradation.
Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica contains the proprietary blend of extracts of ethnic wild-crafted herbs of Russian Sikhote-Alin purposefully formulated to make your body best fit for healthy life style.
Each capsule contains dry root extract of Aralia Mandshurica with high concentration of active aralosides because it was gathered in wild forests of Sikhote-Alin of the Russian Far East. Its combination with extracts of rose hips, hawthorn berries, ash berries, linden flowers, and hibiscus petals make the original proprietary blend capable to normalize all types of metabolism in human body.
Active compounds of the herb extracts in Taiga Gold collection are safely transported through stomach and intestine being enveloped by structured de-esterified pectin. This biopolymer effectively protects herbal organic molecules from degradation due to the influence of digestive enzymes. Also, it effectively traps and removes toxic compounds working as a powerful detoxifier.
Maltodextrin in combination with vitamin C in Taiga Gold with Aralia Mandshurica boost energy metabolism and strengthen the effects of our proprietary extract blend.

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