Probiotic for Women Health

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Probiotic for Women Health is formulated with 10 probiotic strains that were clinically proved to support urinary tract and vaginal health. These active cultures of beneficial bacteria are naturally found in the normal urinary tract and suppress pathogen and yeast growth thus improving feminine health.

The special formula of Probiotic for Women Health is purposefully designed to support vaginal health and combat yeast infections. It helps to keep natural pH balance in the urinary tract, bladder, and vagina, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast, and make better conditions for beneficial flora.

Only one capsule once a day is enough to help prevent UTIs and avoid vaginal infections.

In addition, beneficial bacterial strains promote healthy digestion increasing nutrient and vitamin absorption and giving the immune system a big boost. Supporting digestive balance, they protect against occasional gas, bloating and constipation. This makes you feel stronger, lighter and more energized.

Our unique Probiotic for Women Health supplement in dairy- and gluten-free vegetarian capsules is designed for colon-specific delivery and manufactured in the FDA and GMP certified facility using no preservatives and GMO products in the US.

We are committed to ensuring that every bottle meets stringent quality control procedures for purity, potency, and safety. If you are not satisfied – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! 

Directions for use:

Take one (1) capsule every day before or with a meal. 

For best results, you can take one (1) capsule during the day and one (1) capsule in the evening before sleep. Repeat the intake daily. We do not recommend exceeding two capsules per day.

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