Probiotic & Cranberry SUPERCOMBO for Women Health

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Probiotic & Cranberry SUPERCOMBO Supplement, 5 Proven Strains for Urinary Tract, Vaginal, Digestive and Immune Health, 30 Shelf Stable Veggie Capsules, Probiotics for Women

PROBIOTIC & CRANBERRY SUPERCOMBO contains at least 10 billion live and active cultures of five beneficial bacteria strains naturally found in healthy urinary tract that were scientifically proven to suppress yeast growth and improve feminine health.

URINARY TRACT AND VAGINAL BALANCE: Special formula of Probiotic & Cranberry SUPERCOMBO is purposefully designed to support vaginal health and to combat yeast infections. It helps to keep natural pH in urinary tract, bladder and vagina preventing growth of harmful bacteria and yeast and making better conditions for beneficial flora.

NO MORE UTIs: Whole cranberry powder is a safe and potent component that prevents harmful bacteria from attaching to urinary tract walls and disrupting healthy balance of beneficial flora. Safe to take once daily to prevent UTIs and help to treat vaginal infections.

IMMUNITY BOOST: Beneficial bacterial strains promote healthy digestion increasing nutrient and vitamin absorption and giving immune system a big boost. Supporting digestive balance, they protect against occasional gas, bloating and constipation. This makes you feel stronger, lighter and more energized.

SHELF STABLE, NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED AND MADE IN USA. Our unique probiotic supplement in dairy- and gluten-free vegetarian capsules is designed for colon-specific delivery and manufactured in the FDA and GMP certified facility using no preservatives and GMO products in the US. If you are not satisfied – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! We are committed to ensuring that every bottle meets stringent quality control procedures for purity, potency, and safety.

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