TaigaSea - Siberian herbs for health

Wild forest plants and seawaters is an infinite source of active compounds helping human body to keep health and work effectively in our fast, aggressive and always-changing world.

Siberian taiga is a vast wild landscape where thousands of unique medicinal herbs were found and used in traditional culture for many centuries.

Siberian herbs

Panax ginseng can prolong life

Panax Ginseng

Schisandra chinensis

Schizandra chinensis

Rhodiola rosea Golden root

Rhodiola rosea

Eleutherococcus senticosus Siberian ginseng



Aralia mandshurica Aralia elata

Aralia Mandshurica


These plants are generally termed Siberian herbs, medicinal herbs, or adaptogen herbs. Despite these terms are very close, they have different meaning.

Siberian herbs

More than three hundred of various herbs with healthy properties can be found in deep Russian forests spread from Ural Mountains to Pacific coast. Many of them are known and being used by local tribes for millennia in their household as a food, cosmetics, and remedies. There is a lot of recipes found describing how this herbs can be applied for treatment or prevention of almost any diseases.

Medicinal herbs

The term “Medicinal herbs” generally supposes some plants with confirmed healing activity in humans or animals. In other words, plants and herbs containing some active compounds, which can affect the functions of human body systems are generally belong to this group of herbs. They effects are experimentally studied and their mechanisms are elucidated through animal testing and clinical trials. Their active compounds are isolated from plant materials, purified and then they are used in production of various drugs. Almost half of all drugs being used today are originally based on herb sources. They exert a wide variety of effects. That is why modern pharmaceutical industry uses chemical analogues of such herbal compounds to reproduce the effects of medicinal herbs. Thanks to the advances in pharmaceutical technologies such analogues are more effective, safer and cheaper. But, sometimes, medicinal chemistry fails. Some influence of medicinal herbs cannot be reproduced using isolated compounds because their effects require the whole complex of substances contained by a herb to work. The good example of such complex herbal activity is adaptogenic effect.

Adaptogen herbs

Originally, the group of plants that were later termed as Adaptogen herbs were found in Siberian taiga. Now such herbs as ginseng, rhodiola rosea, schisandra and many others are well known. Generally, adaptogen herbs contain unique complex of glycoside substances exerting very complicated influence on human body. Their activity is confirmed in numerous experiments in animals. These effects are easily seen in humans. But the most of the mechanisms are still to be explained due to their complexity. Sometimes, several dozens of complicated substances contained by an adaptogen herb act together influencing various systems and organs. And such work results in one complex manifestation like, for example, stimulated immunity or enhanced stress resistance.

Adaptogen herbs are being used in various folk medicine in China, Mongolia, Korea and Russia. They are prescribed for various purposes, in particular, to keep health and youth and to prolong life.