Adaptogens are the group of medicinal herbs containing a complex of biologically active compounds exerting specific effects in humans. All adaptogens possess the following properties:

  • They are nontoxic and safe for ingestion by animals and humans;
  • They increase the body's nonspecific resistance due to their stress-adapting influence;
  • They tend to bring back to the normal state any misbalanced system in the body.

Some of molecular mechanisms responsible for adaptogenic activity were figured out within the last decades. So, adaptogens are believed to:

  • Activate protein synthesis in cells;
  • Increase physical work capacity along with performance and endurance;
  • Increase receptor sensitivity leading to Improved eyesight, color perception, hearing, and vestibular functions;
  • Stimulate mental activity and cognitive functions;
  • Promote longevity;
  • Increase the number of antibodies in blood;
  • Generally stimulate endocrine system resulting in enhanced synthesis of vital enzymes;
  • Search and trap free oxygen radicals preventing development of various age-related disorders;
  • Protective heart and lungs from inner metabolites i.e. cholesterol;
  • Increase nonspecific resistance to various stressors.