Taiga Gold with Panax Ginseng

Taiga Gold with Panax Ginseng

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Taiga Gold with Panax Ginseng has a beneficial influence on the body working capacity increasing physical stamina and athlete endurance. It may be very helpful for a long training and exercises, routine work, and grueling learning.
Taiga Gold with Panax Ginseng is a special proprietary blend of powerful extracts of herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine that was purposefully designed for a high physical performance.
Each capsule of Taiga Gold with Panax Ginseng contains dry root extract of the famous herb Panax ginseng in combination with extracts of rose hips, hawthorn berries, ash berries, linden flowers, and hibiscus petals. Effects of these extracts taken together as a proprietary blend is much more powerful than the effect of each of these extracts taken alone.
Active compounds of the herb extracts in Taiga Gold collection are packed into a kind of envelope made of structured de-esterified pectin working as a targeted delivery system for the herbal organic molecules. Pectin is a very strong protection against active digestive enzymes in stomach and intestine. Also, de-esterified pectin is a powerful detoxifier removing toxic compounds and metabolites from the body.
Influence of herbal extracts in Taiga Gold with Panax Ginseng is strengthened by addition of energy booster maltodextrin in combination with vitamin C.

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