Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea contains dry root extract of the wild Rhodiola Rosea from Russian Altai mountains with standardized 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside concentrations. The proprietary extract blend of the wild Siberian herbs was scientifically formulated and used in our herbal supplement for the highest potency via the summing of effects called synergism.

The proprietary blend of the Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea is scientifically formulated from the highly potent extracts of several wild herbs that can improve energy metabolism, increase the body adaptive capacities, and stimulate defensive mechanisms. That is why the regular intake of these extracts helps you feel strong and calm.
Each vegan capsule contains dry extract of the Rhodiola rosea root and a blend of extracts of rose hips, hawthorn and ash berries, linden flowers, and hibiscus petals. This combination was scrupulously adjusted to enhance the beneficial effects of all herbal adaptogens.
Active compounds of the herbal extracts in the Taiga Gold herbal supplements are securely protected by the structured de-esterified pectin carrier. Working as an enveloping agent, pectin prevents digestive enzymes to affect organic molecules and delivers them untouched into the intestine. Thus, pectin provides enhanced absorption and bioavailability of the bioactive molecules. Besides, de-esterified pectin is proved to be a very powerful detoxifier promoting the removal of various toxic substances from the body.
In addition, Taiga Gold with Rhodiola rosea contains maltodextrin that helps to activate energy metabolism. Maltodextrin is an active energy booster, which in combination with vitamin C and stevioside substantially accelerates energy metabolism and increases physical performance for several hours after intake of our supplement.

Directions for use:
Take one (1) capsule every day before or with a meal.

For best results, you can take one (1) capsule during the day and one (1) capsule in the evening before sleep. Repeat the intake daily. We do not recommend exceeding two capsules per day.

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23 reviews for Taiga Gold with Rhodiola Rosea

  1. Roman K.

    Rhodiola Rosea works! I’m much more relaxed, have more energy which last all day. It makes me feel many years younger !! Really. Going to keep it on hand all the time, makes stress melt away and can breeze through the day much easier.

  2. Thankful buyer

    takes a week or so to work but it is worthwhile! Great product!!!!

  3. George Nassau

    I bought these for my wife who was feeling tired a lot and not having any energy. She now feels great, these have given her energy, and stamina for work. She tells me they are great.
    I purchased these with a taigasea eleuthero .These are truly good. If this review is helpful, hit the button.

  4. Pobeda76

    Ordered for my wife, she liked it a lot.

  5. Brian Goff

    This stuff really works for extreme exhaustion and is not hard on the body like caffine; it actually nourishes the adrenals. It took a few days for me to notice a difference and after a week a BIG difference. I combined this with Ashwagandha and Eleuthero and feel like these three helped me a lot

  6. Andrew Lawrence

    I used a different brand of Rhodiola for years. I’m familiar with how it affects me.
    Rhodiola, usually gives me a burst of clarity, much like a burst of caffeine in hot coffee.
    This is a milder effect but overall, I take it in place of a cup of coffee.

  7. Roxi

    This is supposed to help with boosting focus. My fiancé has been taking it for a few days now. He says the affects are subtle but there.

    It contains dietary fiber, vitamin c, rose hip, berries and flowers. It is all natural. Instructions are to take two capsules per day with food. May be takin at once or divided into 2 doses. It’s pricey.

    My fiancé will continue to take it and see how it does for him for as long as he can afford it.

  8. Sasha Weits

    I noticed an immediate increase in physical energy beginning the first day of using Taiga Gold Rhodiola rosea. A doctor had suggested me to try “rosavin”. I tried another product containing a lower amount of rosavin first, with no noticeable effects. Taiga Gold Rhodiola rosea, however, does have noticeable positive effects, with no negative side effects. And, because my overall energy level is up, it does, in fact, help me to concentrate and to be more mentally focused. This formula has a
    has a blend of natural extracts from wild herbs. This may be why it works so well for me. I highly recommend it as a natural, harmless way to improve mental focus and overall energy.

  9. Pat Pharabetamm

    Has helped in relieving stress when things get tough or situations get out of control. After taking it I feel myself better, slight bit more energy, but definitely better concentration and memory. It’s a good product, and I like it and all products of this brand. Highly recommend!

  10. Kristina Bolvacheva

    This is one of the best quality formulations of Rhodiola I tried. It stated that they use herbs grown in Siberia, and they add something to protect it in stomach for better absorption. It does exactly what it claims on the bottle (reduces stress/anxiety). It basically mellows me out. The effects are subtle at the recommended dose (two capsules). I tried taking three capsules on a couple of occasions and it gave me the jitters. I previously tried the Now Foods brand and might as well have taken a placebo. Taiga Gold looks to be the best of them all, and it very likely is indeed from Siberia.

  11. Maria buenida

    Excellent high-quality product. It works as it should. Very pleased with this purchase. Taiga gold with Rhodiola is a calming, sleep producing, totally natural capsule. It reduces stress and I’m not taking chemicals. It’s potent, so take it easy. Excellent product. I am very happy with this brand.

  12. Cynthia 75

    Just as described. Helps with so many things.

  13. Bella

    I am a big fan of this product. Having a very stressful job, this product helps me be more productive and handle the stress better

  14. Claudia

    I have been using this product from Taiga Gold for about 5 months now and it is the only supplement I can say for sure has an effect. I have so much energy, my mood has greatly improved, I’m sleeping better at night. Depression and exhaustion take​ the enjoyment out of life, but since taking Rhodiola I’ve found myself much more content and at ease. Thank you Taiga gold! I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  15. Customer

    Great value and quality

  16. X bb

    Rhodiola is a gentle tonic that significantly helps the body adjust to changing
    stresses. Take one pill upon rising and one pill whenever the afternoon dip is at its
    worst. This stuff helps the mood as well. Taiga Gold makes a potent extract that
    offers much bang for the buck.

  17. Oleh Pavlyuk

    I have suffered from depression and anxiety as long as I remember. I started taking Rhodiola Rosea along with my medicines I am now virtually depression and anxiety free! I had to experiment with the dosage to see how much I needed. I ended up with 1 Rhodiola Rosea cap in the morning and one in the afternoon on an empty stomach. I take 100 mg of L-theanine at the same time. As I recall, it took about a week or 2 to feel really better. While these supplements certainly made a huge difference in my life, I also do a lot of other things to make my life happy……..yoga, exercise, laugh, do things I love, engage in spiritual pursuits etc.

  18. Grace Grobitt

    This stuff is the Altai Mountains in Russia and they’re manufactured in the USA after being 3rd Party tested then made in an FDA controlled and GMP Certified Facility. They have many health attributes that include Stress Relief, mental boost, workout recovery and it helps to remove fatigue. It also boosts the immune response to infections and helps to burn Fat.
    I think this is a great product and it only takes 2 Capsules Per Day and comes with 100 in the bottle.
    Happy Health Everyone!

  19. Jed shleumer

    This Rhodiola supplement actually includes a blend of herbs. The ingredients are listed as: Dry wild Rhodiola root extract; proprietary extract blend: dry extracts of rosehip, hawthorn and rowan (ash) berries, hibiscus and linden flowers; structured de-esterified pectin (targeted delivery system); maltodextrin; vitamin C; stevioside. Thus, you are getting more than what this is advertised as. This is free of questionable additives and it is sweetened with Stevia. It is not clear what form of vitamin C is included other than what may occur naturally in the herbs. This is a useful herbal formula, though I think the product should be labeled in a way that makes it more clear that there are multiple herbs.

  20. Natalia McCein

    Have only used this less than a week but could tell the difference in the first day. I’ve used other Rhodiola Rosea before but this one I can feel lasts longer. I’m energized and happy even with the day’s being shorter. It’s been a great help! Will continue to take regularly.

  21. Brettt

    These capsules are quality and easy for me to swallow with water. The capsules are encapsulated well with its clear gel caps. Can barely discern a taste. Although this only has 100mg of rhodiola rosea extract, it has added vitamins like vitamin C, fiber, hibiscus, rose hips, hawthorn & rowan berries, and linden flowers that enhance it’s overall health benefits. The other rhodiola rosea brand I’ve been taking for a year is only 250mg of rhodiola rosea. This one’s additional ingredients boost the rhodiola rosea’s stress & hormone management in my body. Haven’t noticed a difference between the 2 brand as of yet. But my body feels good overall from taking it.

  22. John Gold

    As I grow older (now almost 62), I am always on the lookout for any supplements that are safe to take that will help me play my favorite sport (tennis) at a higher energy level and will help to keep me mentally sharp. When the Taiga Gold Rhodiola Rosea appeared on my list of items I could review I instantly selected it. It’s known for helping in physical performances (my tennis matches) and for mental clarity as well as a number of other health benefits. I’ve started taking them and have not noticed any brain fog at all in the past several days nor has my energy levels decreased. I think this is a good supplement.

  23. David Dorris

    I have used this product now for months and noticed a marked improvement in my energy level.

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