Taiga Gold with Eleutherococcus contains the unique proprietary blend of the pure powerful extracts of the wild herbs harvested  in the Russian Siberian forests. Their effects help your body to be protected anywhere all the time.

Each vegetarian capsule of the Taiga Gold with Eleutherococcus contains dry root extract of the wild-harvested eleuthero herb from the Russian Sikhote-Alin forests. Extracts of rose hips, hawthorn berries, ash berries, linden flowers, and hibiscus petals make up this proprietary blend and dramatically enhance the benefits of eleuthero. Finally, these extracts affect all types of metabolism and provide reliable protection from adverse ambient factors.

Active compounds of the herbal extracts in the Taiga Gold herbal supplements are being carried through the stomach and intestine inside the special structured de-esterified pectin carrier. It prevents digestive enzymes to attack the organic molecules and keeps their structure untouched. Thus, the bioactive compounds of the herbal extracts do not lose their potency and thus they are completely absorbed into the blood. De-esterified pectin is a well-known powerful detoxifier binding toxic substances and accelerating their elimination from the body.

Maltodextrin in the Taiga Gold with Eleutherococcus in combination with vitamin C and stevioside provides a powerful energy boost within few hours after the intake potentiating the effects of the herbal extract blend.

Directions for use:

Take one (1) capsule every morning before or with a meal.

For best results, you can take one (1) capsule during the day and one (1) capsule before lunch. Repeat the intake daily. We do not recommend exceeding two capsules per day.

23 reviews for Taiga Gold with Eleutherococcus

  1. Ginny Weasly

    Everyone is getting sick around me and I ordered these capsules for my immune system. Hope that it will help me to be healthy and wealthy.

  2. Pobeda76

    Amazing product . Highly recommend .A+ seller

  3. Claudia E.

    My friend recommended Eleuthero as a supplement to help strengthen my immune system. Taiga gold Eleuthero is by far the best I have found. It is easy to swallow, with a small amount of water, and there have been no side effects. I have been using this product for several months and I believe it has helped boost my immune system. I highly recommend it

  4. Travis G.

    This helped me snap out of my winter blues and get more active despite not being able to go out anywhere with the current crisis. My energy and attitude are both up and it only took a few days to get this response! Great supplement! I highly recommend!

  5. DM LA

    I bought this to help combat my severe adrenal fatigue. On day 2 or 3, I already noticed a slight difference. It’s been less than a week and I already notice the effects of it. I take the recommended dose. This is something that is only recommended to be used for a few weeks before you have a break from it, then resume taking it. This bottle will take you to the 6-8 week mark, so it’s a great sized bottle.

  6. cautiousbuyer

    I felt the energy difference even on the 3d day of its use! It made me hope! I have been using it only the second week. But my low blood pressure is stabilized and my fatigue is gone! A great product!

  7. Bob Johnson

    Very good product, quick delivery.

  8. Richard Stephenson

    Excellent blend of herbs. A good addition to my workout supplements.

  9. Gretta

    Boosting my immunity and giving me more energy and endurance; I’m Sold! I feel good with it and this bottle has 100 Capsules in it, which is a 50 day supply. This company didn’t put it on the bottle but, I see that they make a clean product that’s 3rd Party Tested in an FDA Registered and GMP Certified Facility too.
    I would definitely recommend these things.
    Happy Health Everyone!

  10. Alex Boot

    I’ve been using this supplement for 10 days and it’s really amazing how much difference it’s made in my energy level. It also evens out and improves my mood, possibly because I feel better because I have more energy! This is the third Taiga Gold supplement I’ve tried and they are all excellent. This is a vegan supplement- the capsules are plant based, which is another thing I love about these products.

  11. Heidi Smith

    This supplement is good quality. This is one of the supplements that I can tell within a few hours if it’s effective. Eleuthro works so fast if it’s the real thing. The one thing I didn’t notice when I ordered it is that the capsule includes maltodextrin and I can’t tolerate that ingredient. I’m not going to be able to take it long term, unfortunately due to that one thing. It seems good otherwise if maltodextrin isn’t a problem for you.

  12. Bad Customer

    Rhodiola is a gentle tonic that significantly helps the body adjust to changing stresses. Take one pill upon rising and one pill whenever the afternoon dip is at its worst. This stuff helps the mood as well. Taiga Gold makes a potent extract that offers much bang for the buck.

  13. goose

    So far I really like this supplement. I take one daily with my morning vitamins just for keeping my Health app. They are standard size capsules that are easy to swallow. There is no discernible taste or odor. Definitely looking to see what the future week spring with the supplement!

  14. Love Guitar

    Siberian Ginseng is supposed to be good for health for a number of reasons. My main reason for selecting these capsules for review is for their adaptogenic and their anti-viral capacity. This is the time of year that lots of bad germy stuff goes around and I don’t like getting sick. Siberian Ginseng is also suppose to be good for brain health and mental alertness. As I grow older I am always looking for safe supplements to take that will help keep me healthy and mentally sharp.

  15. Robby Round

    I like this product because it does what promised.I feel better and I have more energy.Unlike caffeine Taiga Gold Eleuthero stimulates in a very soft way without unpleasant effects like irregular heartbeat,sweating and so on.And it helps me to stay healthy and happy!

  16. Katutik

    Siberian Eleuthero, also called Siberian Ginseng is a very nice adaptogen. It gives energy and balance. I bought it to strengthen my immunity because I always get sick when it becomes colder. Up to now I feel good with no signs of cold. Hope I will do better this year.

  17. Christine

    Great product, fast delivery. Thanks.

  18. Sheryl

    Have this product in your supplement regimen. Been taking this for years and and gives me stamina at age 70. Plus it’s good for me and my homeopathic regime… I’m in great health and hope to stay that way. Will repurchase!

  19. Roman Gee

    I’ve had my share of Siberian Ginseng, and this one is by far the best one yet! I have energy all day, which I haven’t had in years. Needless to say, I’ll be a longtime customer as long as it continues to work this good

  20. Bella

    I bought this product to strengthen my immune system. After using this product, I can see a change in my body and feel much better

  21. Oleh Pavluik

    Just started taking this along with new rhodiola and have to say I’m so suprised at how I now feel compared to a few weeks ago. The fatigue is gone and I sleep so much better. And I feel calm and confident. Would highly recommend this product.

  22. Maria Brundella

    I looked up Eleuthero supplements because I found it was the main ingredient in a recently advertised ‘miracle cure’ supplement. I had never heard of it before but, I am so glad I didn’t let it pass by…. the positive reviews on this supplement are not an exaggeration. I have been taking one daily for 5 days and I feel great! It has improved both my mental and physical state. I have a few aging related health problems and I can honestly say I have not felt this good in 10 years

  23. Jeff Glumeff

    I’ve been taking Taiga Gold Eleuthero for four months now and love it. I’m not one for up and down moods and this product really does even out my moods and I just feel better both mentally and physically. I highly recommend this product. And, may I add, that Taiga gold products are outstanding. I’ve been buying them many times and I have never been disappointed.

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